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We are always looking for new referees age 13 and above.  

Contact Wayne Lemens,, SMSRA Education Coordinator, with any questions.   

Complete registration with USSF and create an account on GAMEOFFICIALS as noted below.

REGISTER with USSF:  to complete Registration, Classroom and online training requirements on the Minnesota SRC site.

On the Minnesota SRC site click on the New Referee link on the left side of the page.

Follow the directions to register, pay your fees, complete online training and register for classroom training.

We are in the process of setting up the 2018 New Referee class for Rochester.

CREATE an account on GAMEOFFICIALS.  This is the tool used by SMSRA to communicate with referees and assign games.

Click on New Official
Enter the group number and access code:
   Group Number    39
   Access Code        SMSRA
   continue on and fill out information.

RETURNING Referees:  USSF Clinics and Registration Process

If you plan to register, certify, and referee please read the following:

For returning Referees, please complete your registration for USSF at the Minnesota SRC site You will need to login to see your registration info.

Please recruit new referees.  Information on registering as a new referee is included above.

Classroom and online training requirements are available on the Minnesota SRC site

We are in the process of setting up a re certification class in Rochester.

This will be three hours and reduces the number of online hours you need to complete.

This is a great opportunity to learn more and have discussion with more experienced referees about the officiating the game.  

Youth Game requirements:

Minnesota requires all referees to complete CONCUSSION TRAINING once every three years to referee youth games including High School.
This training can be accessed on the Center For Disease Control and Prevention site.

Look for the Free Concussion course training.

Note: if you are a MSHSL Registered Official then you have already completed the mandatory Concussion Training.

Clubs affiliated with MYSA:  RYSA, Euro, Byron, Pine Island
If you are 18 years or older, you must complete a background check on the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association website before being able to work youth games.   Follow the directions on the MYSA site.


All Referees in the Rochester area who plan to work games for RYSA REC, Traveling, and Tournaments
must complete a W9 form, visit the RYSA website for more information. 

If you are
under the age of 14 you must also complete a Youth Employment Consent form and are only eligible to work RYSA REC games until you turn 14.  Completed forms must be sent to the RYSA office.

Soccer Leagues

If you are interested in working any of the specific leagues serviced by SMSRA please contact one of the assignors below.  

Spring/Summer Soccer Leagues:

Current Leagues  


Play starts on



Saturday's (Apr 21)

Tom Lawrence

RSC Coed

Friday's (May 4)

Tom Lawrence

RSC Women 

Sunday's (June) 

Tom Lawrence


Sunday's (May 6)

Wayne Lemens
RYSA Traveling

Weekdays (May) 

Tom Lawrence
RYSA Invitational

June , 2018

Tom Lawrence

Indoor Soccer at Soccer World

Soccer World Summer & Winter Leagues

If you are interested in working indoor games please contact Wayne Lemens .

Current Leagues 


Plays on

Men's A





High School



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